The Happy Place Project
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The Happy Places

Here you can not only view the wonderful pieces of artwork by the amazing children we have been fortunate to work with, you can also purchase one of their brilliant 'Happy Places'! What is your favourite? have a look and let us know!



Snow camp - London


Their Happy Place

We are currently securing all the resources to support the children/young adults working with Snow Camp to ensure that once we start the process if any emotions get stirred up, we can look after the mental health and wellbeing of the children. 


We are looking forward to our joint venture with Snow camp in the new year. 


Coming soon!

However for now why don't you check out the brilliant work Snow Camp are doing!



menna & jen


Their Happy Place

We are currently working on Menna and Jen's Happy place, however in the background we will let you have a little sneak peak at revision 1 of their design. We are now in the 2nd design stage and will send the design over to the ladies, whilst they are travelling from one alpine world cup race to another. 

Keep watching and we will update with progress very soon. 


Menn and Jen.png

A Happy Place For all

It has been fantastic working with Paralympic athlete Menna Fitzpatrick and her guide Jennifer Kehoe on their happy place. The design is centred around Menna's visual impairment, however she wanted her designs to relate to everyone, therefore she designed a clever illustration where the centre of the eye, which holds her limited vision, beholds 3 happy places:

Winter Mountain Happy Place
Beach & Sea Happy Place
Summer Mountain Happy Place



Cobi Connelly


Don't be affarid - in progress

Introducing our new design based on Cobi's Happy place ... currently at the first design stage, however we love his different use of colours ... WATCH THIS SPACE!



Stan Lee


The Mountains Happy Place


Stan wanted his love of snowboarding and the happiness in fireworks which fill the mountain night skies to be combined into a design for The Happy Place Project. We felt he did an amazing job here, which admirably also said loud and proud about what we are trying to achieve. 



Ethan Hartley


The Snow Lion Happy Place


The Snow Lion design was the first design for The Happy Place Project, inspiring The Happy Place Project from it's inception. Ethan's love of snow and animals, truly inspired the design for the snow lion, combined with his capacity to be kind to everyone, even those who don't return the kindness.