Q&A With Daniel MacDonald



Hello, explain a little bit about yourself ...

Hi I'm Dan, a full time serving soldier of 11 years and an alpine ski racer for the British Army ski team.

What are your plans for this winter?

Over this winter I have been alpine ski race training and competitively racing in Austria and France throughout the season. If required, I will be off to South Korea for the Winter Paralympic Games as the reserve guide for Menna Fitzpatrick, GB visually impaired skier.

After the winter season draws to a close, what does the summer hold in store?

Long dog walks with @springysamson and @jenniferski, road cycling, gym training and a much needed holiday!

Why is a child's mental health so important?

A good mental health will give a child the foundations to help development into adulthood, should any child be experiencing mental health issues at such a young age? 

Why do you believe that supporting children who have experienced bullying as early as possible is essential?

As someone who was bullied in school, I know full well the impact of what bullying causes! In the two years I was bullied I became antisocial, I shut myself away, I was scared to bump into them in the corridors.

I was fortunate to have support to stop this happening; some children are not as lucky!

Why is supporting a positive future for those children important with causes like The Happy Place Project? How do you believe this can be achieved?

Every child should have the opportunity to succeed in life, for some this can be aided with financial help to attend clubs and after school activities. For others this can be achieved with help from experienced individuals that can give advice and guidance.

If you could dream up a project/action/or scheme to help children who are experiencing mental health issues due to bullying, what would it be?

My strengths and passions are in the field of physical fitness and ski racing/coaching.

I would likely set up a ski racing club for children who have been the subject of bullying.

What other fantastic causes are you involved with? We would love to hear about them!

I am currently not directly involved with anyone. In the past I have raised money for help for heroes


What websites would you like us to promote for you?

Please follow and support our GB Visually Impaired Ski Team, Menna & Jen. http://mennaandjen.co.uk

We are pulling together positive quotes for The Happy Place Project, what positive words do you have?

It takes immense strength and courage to talk about problems!


Ceilidh Dickson