Q&A With Keir Moffatt!

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Hello, explain a little bit about yourself ...

Hello! My name is Keir!

I am a snowboard instructor, adventure seeker, mental health advocate, ex-breakdancer, handstander, whisky drinker, wood chopper, freelance web developer and dufus. I consider laughing and silliness a very serious business indeed, and a necessity for a healthy, happy life.

What are your plans for this winter?

Currently I am in Arinsal, Andorra training for my BASI Snowboard Level 3 qualification with Snowboard Coach, and continuing to push my teaching and riding skills as far as I can whilst enjoying the beautiful Pyrenees.

After the winter season draws to a close, what does the summer hold in store?

Undoubtedly I would love to do a summer season - either in the Southern Hemisphere, or on a glacier, continuing to progress my skills and experience. I have also been eyeing up buying a campervan and seeing what adventures might lie ahead as a result!

Why is a child's mental health so important?

I have had mental health problems since I was very young and believe the causes were situations and circumstances that occurred during pivotal years of my emotional development. The emotional skills we develop when we are young set the foundation for our adult mental health, so giving children the best start in life is fundamentally linked to their future wellbeing.

Why do you believe that supporting children who have experienced bullying as early as possible is essential?

Our youth should be a time of adventure and discovery, full of positive memories and experiences that provide a positive basis for our self esteem. Unfortunately, bullying can have a serious and detrimental impact on this process, warping our sense of self worth and value, and making us believe things about ourselves that are simply not true. Early support is absolutely crucial in dispelling these beliefs and preventing them from becoming established within our sense of self - instead, allowing young people to focus on celebrating and exploring the value and potential they can offer the world.

Why is supporting a positive future for those children important with causes like The Happy Place Project? How do you believe this can be achieved?

Giving children the sense that there is always a place for them in the world, and somewhere they can feel safe and 'at home', is so important. It means that whatever life challenges we face, we have sanctuary and a sense of belonging and purpose, The Happy Place Project serves to shout this loud and proud from the mountain tops - and this is an initiative I am proud to be a part of.

If you could dream up a project/action/or scheme to help children who are experiencing mental health issues due to bullying, what would it be?

It would be to demonstrate how our passions transform our pain. Breakdancing and snowboarding have both been essential for me in developing a framework that enables me to manage my mental health and live a life that is fulfilling and rewarding. If I could dream up a project, it would be finding a way to combine snowboarding and mental health - or helping others find their passion and explore how it can support their emotional wellbeing, whatever that passion may be.

What other fantastic causes are you involved with? We would love to hear about them!

As well as involvement with AWOL and THPP, I mentor budding web developers with Develop.Me and I am on the board of my friend's florist charity 'Loved Again'. I am also in the process of launching a new social media initiative called #MindOverMountain - a video series about my journey and experiences with snowboarding and mental wellbeing, plus interviews with inspirational people about their own experiences with mental health. I hope to get involved in even more things relating to mental health in the future, too - and ride more powder!

What websites would you like us to promote for you?


About ...

"At Develop Me – we are creating a learning community for the 21st century digital world. Our core offerings are our full-time 12 week bootcamp programmes; the Coding Fellowship – a web developer bootcamp – and a UX Design immersive. We also run a part-time front-end course, one-day digital skills workshops and bespoke courses to upskill company workforces and empower people to participate in the innovation economy.

We believe the future of innovation will be through disruptive technologies and collaborative social business models. However, more importantly, we believe the change will come from people. Empowered people, people with ideas and most importantly people with the skills and knowledge to make things happen. The world of digital technology holds so many innovative solutions for society and the web is one of the most democratic tools ever created."


About …

“All for Love, is a boutique, London florist totally dedicated to producing beautiful flower arrangements for all occasions and clients - corporate or private!

Our company's name, 'All for Love', comes from our founder Ruth's favourite, super large headed, most beautiful, bright pink rose...and the sentiment seemed fitting for a florist too! All flowers are given with love and we love making up all our flowers! It's also why Ruth got into flowers in the first place five years ago- for the pure and total love of it all. Making sure that this genuine passion comes across in both our service and our creative work is of upmost important to us and is our company's main ethos that we continue to stand by as our little company grows. We added in the London part so people know where we are, and it makes us sound a bit like Burberry too! “


We are pulling together positive quotes for The Happy Place Project, what positive words do you have?

There is always a place for you in the world, and people who think the world of you - always reach out and never give up! 





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